Design & Approvals Options

The Design & Approvals Process is a crucial step required for you to receive building & planning approvals for your Shed House prior to ordering your Kit. You can choose from our 'By You' or 'By Shed' process.

Provided below is our step-by-step guide to completing your Shed House journey.

'By Shed' Design & Approvals Process

From $16,400+GST let us do the work for you.

Our ‘By Shed' in-house Design & Approvals Process is available to optimise your Shed House on your specific site. We obtain your required approvals so you can order your Kit with complete confidence.

'By You' Design & Approvals Process

For $9,900+GST purchase our fixed architectual Workings Drawings & Certified Structual Engineering for your chosen design, enabling you to undertake your Building Permit & Planning Permit (if required) process.

Please note: site specific plans and reports are not provided e.g siting plans, geotechnical assessment, civil design, BAL assessments or energy rating. These are the obligation of the purchaser.